Q1: How long does it take for window film to cure?

  • Please, allow window film to cure for at least 3 days. During this time, DO NOT roll down your windows.


Q2: How long does take for window film to FULLY cure?

  • Window film takes 3-6 weeks to fully cure. Film may appear to be hazy, or have water pockets during this period, but that would eventually vanish away. During winter, this process might take up to 6 months. This is a very normal process, which requires your patience.


Q3: How long should I wait before I clean my cars’ windows?

  • If needs, wait for at least a few days before cleaning windows. If so, window film should be cleaned with a clean soft cloth and window cleaner or plain water. Ammonia based products should never be used as they can actually deteriorate the colors and adhesion of your window films. Also, be careful not to use abrasives.


Q4: Will my cars’ windows be crystal-clear after tinting them?

  • Due to the nature of the product, possible dust or pre-existing imperfections are present in almost every window film applications. Small scratches and flaws will be more noticeable after windows are tinted.


Q5: What other potential imperfections that might be caused by window film?

  • Most cars have a black ceramic “dot-matrix” edge on the rear window. This dot-matrix edge is sometimes thick which prevents the film from sticking to the area between the dots. This might produce a whitish looking strip trimming the glasses. Unfortunately, this effect is unavoidable in the window tinting industry.


Q6: What are these chips in my tint?

  • The instant you tint your cars’ windows, you should be extremely careful about your seat belts. When removing your seat belt, be cautious to not have it sling over and hit the window as this will chip the tint and is not a warrantied.