About Us

“Thanks for checking out our website and your interest in our product and services, I’m Chris.”

A little bit about me and my background:

Clear Bra and Window Tinting Colorado SpringsBorn and raised in San Diego, CA brought quite a bit of insight to the tint and clear bra industry. As a young adult in the late 80’s I was coached by some of the best and created a niche for what we called “Slangging film”. Being in the industry for a few years, I decided to take a different avenue towards creating a family and starting a career with Intel. Moving from San Diego to New Mexico to the Intel plant.

In 1993 I was blessed to be a father of an amazing son, and a handful of years later I was given my beautiful baby girl. During my 10-year stint with Intel, I still wanted to continue advancing in the window tint industry, and did so part time throughout those years. The Intel plants were expanding in the 90’s and I was given options of different states to relocate to. Colorado had always been a place I enjoyed visiting as we enjoy snowboarding, riding, camping and being on the water, with that being the 1st pick of the places to live when they offered different plant transfers. After moving to Colorado Springs, CO with Intel, as well as still pursuing window tint part time the Intel Plant closed in 2001. I did not want to relocate my family again so I decided to make the full time move with the window tint and clear bra industry!

After working over 10 years with a few larger and well know automotive shops who offered window tint and clear bra, my wife Candace and I decided to start our own business hints C & C. Our goal was to provide a service in which was no less than reputable, honest, excellence in quality, and applying superior products. We have created just that. “Chris the tint guy” has been well known for convenience, customer service and quality around Colorado Springs over the last 10 years.

My work has also been featured in Truckin’ and Max Power Magazines. We have also expanded our services to large dealerships in Colorado Springs, making C & C Window Tint and Clear Bra your Colorado Springs best in solar and paint protection.

C & C Window Tint and Clear Bra - Colorado Springs - We are the best of Colorad Springs